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Explore our useful attributes that would enable your campaigns to reach their top performance


Freedom to design

Create marketing campaigns through multi-channel messages as tailored as you need. The automation flow designer let you to combine email, SMS and automatic calls with timers, triggers and filters in a visual way. Just select-and-drag to mix the elements you need. Use the campaign manager to oversee your performance and results.

Your contacts. Organized.

DANAConnect provides a versatile tool for databases that operates entirely in the cloud. It’s flexible enough to let you organize and edit your contact lists while handling thousand or millions of records. We have included APIs that would let you integrate your own applications.


Experience live reporting

Learn more about your customer relationships with our reporting system that allows you to see real-time indicators of your ongoing campaigns and conversations.

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One tool to enhance them all

DANAConnect fits a wide range of activities. Learn more about what benefits you can get.

plane Marketers

Be able to design and activate cross-channel communications as complex as you need. Our flow designer let you widen your reach by combining email marketing, sms and automated calls with files, mp3, triggers and filters. This is the tool to get creative.

tool Developers

We have included APIs that will let you shape a seamless integration between DANAConnect and your company. As developers, we understand the value of advance features when it comes to get bolder results.

enter Agencies

Keep track of your clients’ communications and manage multiple accounts with ease. Set permissions to have a custom management of the flow designer, contact lists and report system. You can control who uses DANAConnect and how.


Our tailored approach to business requirements let us integrate our platform to fulfil and support your operations. SLA, VPN Connections, Success Management and more, has given an optimal business experience to our clients.


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