Optimize your customers’ life cycle and communications processes with automations that combine emails, SMS, automated calls, landing pages, forms and push with smart flows

Lead Nurturing

Crosselling and upselling

Customer retention

Customer segmentation

Relationship marketing

Inbound Marketing

Deliver consistent and relevant experiences across all channels

Cross the channels:
DANAConnect offers the ability to send messages through a channel triggered by actions taken on another channel.

Easily segment:
Identify and target several segments based on mobile use, demographics or behaviors.

Notify through apps:
Deliver personalized messages that appear as push notifications in your applications.

Trigger actions:
Trigger actions when your mobile application downloaded, your websites are visited or your emails are opened.

DANAConnect is ideal for marketing financial institutions

In addition to automating communication processes, DANAConnect provides specialized security, governance, and auditing tools based on industry standards.

Centralize your communications
Get the power to visualize in one unique place all deliveries and all senders used by your organization to send communications to your customers.

Flexibility and customization to follow up on a large scale

Deliver highly personalized, regular and timely content through email, SMS and apps depending on the actions performed by your customers.
Time needed to
configure this automation: 1 day
  • Day 1: download the mobile application
  • Day 1: immediate push call to action notification
  • Day 1: a thank you email
  • Day 10: a push notification based on behavior
  • Day 15: an email is sent based on the use of the application

Harness the power of bidirectionality

  • Simple drag and drop creation of inbound listeners, forms and surveys
  • Direct registration of inbound data to the contact database
  • Edit landing pages on a drag and drop interface and effortlessly publish
  • Integration with Facebook Lead Forms
  • Incoming SMS and SMS keywords that trigger other actions
  • Integrations with APIs from other applications, mobile apps, and core systems

Track long term and follow the customer’s life cycle

Nurture relationships with potential customers who are not ready to buy

DANAConnect integrates with the core of your business to helps you catch, nurture, and convert leads into customers by automated communication sequences.

Quickly activate campaigns without relying on IT or design

  • Use the automated flows visual designer to create multichannel conversations.
  • Use a gallery of predesigned templates and easy-to-use web design tools.
  • Create and manage your contact lists and be able to export and import from multiple formats.
  • Design and publish web forms easily created from DANAConnect and feed your contact lists and BD.
  • Create and publish landing pages with a visual tool and uncomplicated drag and drop.
  • Effortlessly manage the users of your work team from a web interface.

Where to start to automate that process?

Select what process you need to improve and watch a solution.