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Custom Automation

It’s a temporary extension of user support, up to three months, depending on the requirements. This extension is designed to guide and accelerate the configuration and design of complex automated flows that respond to the specific needs of your business. It is aimed at end-users, who activate communications and configure contact lists. With this impulse, we accompany the members of your team in the initial automated flow configurations so that in practice, they can make the relationship between your business strategies and all the combinations of automated flows that can be done with the DANAConnect tool.

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1st version proposed by the DANAConnect team
2nd version adapted by your team
3rd final version after proof of concept

Most common custom automations:

  • Precision tracking long terms cross-channel flows
  • Cross-channel sending of critical documents
  • Automation of cross-channel collections
  • Insurance Policy Renewal
  • Welcome sequences to new customers
  • Automation of adoption of self-service channels
  • NPS automation with tracking

Benefits of the Custom Automation plan

  • Definition of the flow structure by following business objectives.
  • Creation of proof of concept for the specific need.
  • Support in the selection of channels.
  • Training for creating future configurations.
  • Examples of use cases in the financial industry.
  • Technical assistance during activations.
  • Vision of the uses of the returned data for business intelligence.

Whom is the Custom Automation plan aimed at?

This extension is aimed at all personnel in charge of designing automated communications flows in accordance with the processes, operations and strategies of the organization.

Can I only select the Custom Automation plan?

Yes. The Automation Enabling plan can be contracted at any time and combined with any other support plan.