There is a new way banks and insurers collect overdue debts

This new digital service will assist banks and insurers in recovering overdue debts. It is a profitable, efficient and immediate response that will change the way in which the financial ecosystem executed its debt recovery processes until now.

traditional debt collection versus digital collection strategies

Collection for financial institutions is part of the offer of the new DANAconnect Digital Operations Department. The main objective of this department is to provide automated communication responses that help companies increase their profitability, without large investments in personnel, time and money.

Thus, the financial sector will have the opportunity to delegate the collection of delinquent accounts and rescue those considered uncollectible, with an automated service based on the experience and knowledge of DANAconnect for more than a decade offering automations for the financial sector.

Specifically for this service, DANAconnect has a series of intelligent flows available to the market to track customers through email, SMS, Whatsapp, automated calls, push notifications and other channels. In this way, it performs collection management, by automating tasks such as the delivery of invoices, their follow-up and payment collection, an expeditious solution that transforms a manual, tedious and uncertain process into an agile, effective and profitable operation.

Best practices for digital collections

“Our service reaches the highest values ​​in the recovery of overdue debt,” says Tati Fernández, Specialist in Digital Collections at DANAconnect. “The reason is that we control fundamental aspects of this process, including significantly improving contactability.” 

According to the specialist, that precision of effectively contacting the right person is the backbone of all collection management. “If the client’s data is wrong or not updated, it is impossible to contact them, follow up and much less charge them. Hence, updating and purging the data is the first step to guarantee the success of this service”, explains Tati Fernández. 

As soon as this stage is complete, says the Digital Collections Specialist, automated monitoring of tasks can begin with specialized cross-channel tools and Artificial Intelligence based on best practices of DANAconnect. This includes messages, content and self-service solutions with alternatives, options to establish agreements and other resources specific to each task.

In this way, institutions can: Automate the sending of electronic invoices, generate reminders in SMS text or by email, have self-service chatbots, generate automated calls combined with IVR voice response systems, virtual assistant services and take advantage of the DANAconnect’s proprietary methodology to incorporate into their internal processes.

DANAconnect has a compendium of segmented solutions, according to the reality of each market and each case, which is articulated in a customer-focused strategy. “Knowing the most recurrent reasons for delinquency has allowed us to draw up strategies, solutions and messages aimed at serving each group of clients, making debt recovery work more effective,” details the DANAconnect Specialist.

 “The goal is to simplify the route for organizations to integrate digital capabilities into their communication processes, and thus be able to improve their sales, simplify their collection, be more efficient, lower their costs and increase business opportunities,” Fernandez concluded. 

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About DANAconnect

DANAconnect is a Low-code/No-Code SaaS platform founded in 2012 that helps the financial ecosystem automate daily communications with customers and follow-up in marketing, sales, collections, transactional alerts, and customer service processes.

The platform, based entirely on the cloud, includes modules for the centralized management of customer data, sending of communications, and delivering documents through digital channels: email, SMS, automatic calls, and push.

Likewise, it includes several API services developed under industry standards that allow integration with any external system that also uses API, including core systems for insurance and banking and emerging channels like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram.

These API respond to omnichannel and the most common uses in the industry, such as self-service of information and documents, digital signature, updating of incoming and outgoing data, one-time passwords, and identity validation with multiple factors.

Automated processes are created through a visual designer that creates logical flows with very low code or no code at all, depending on the complexity of the objective. These flows integrate all digital channels with filters, events, and timers to react and take the next action based on customer interactions.

In addition to intelligent cross-channel flows and cutting-edge technology, DANAconnect adds features explicitly designed for the financial industry to ensure security, governance, compliance, and auditing.

Every month DANAconnect sends at least one communication to 9.8% of the population of the Americas.

More than 90 Financial Institutions validate our solutions.