Customer success story
6.6% conversion⮕
at the 4th month

Digital Sales as a Service for Individual Insurance


Customer success story: 6.6% conversion at 4th month ↓

Digital Sales as a Service for Individual Insurance

We digitalize insurance sales, getting rid of manual processes and optimizing operating costs

Traditional Operations

Human Workforce



Digital Operations as a Service

Digital Workforce

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A unique methodology for the insurance sector:


Data quality strategy and A.I. segmentation

Using Artificial Intelligence, we generate a new list of contacts from the current customer base, lost customers, and prospects. For the best individual insurance sales strategy, our approach combines products and segments with the greatest conversion potential.


Cross Channel Automated Tracking + Artificial Intelligence

We use automation in addition to Artificial Intelligence to guarantee a perfect delivery time of content designed for the nurturing and top of mind of the brand.

CROSS CHANNEL : Email Marketing · Text Messages · Chatbot · Web · Push


Two-way, feedback and Heat Score

We use two-way communication channels combined with our “Heat Score” indicators to determine when the customer is ready to purchase. The insurance sales agents are involved in the process only when and if necessary.

Monitor Performance and Results Dashboard

Learn about our methodology and cost per conversion model

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