24/7 Operations Support

This plan is for companies that use DANAconnect in the implementation of critical processes and transactional communications, such as banking security alerts, policy issues, and OTP sending. Synchronizing the monitoring and operations departments of both companies, it allows a direct and effective working method, which guarantees the seamless running of operations and services that depend on DANAconnect.

24/7 Operations Critical Operational Support



Assigned Technical Account Manager
Assigned On-Call Personnel Coordinator
Customized service availability reports monthly
Ethical hacking report annual
Status Review Quarterly
Priority escalation line
DANA’s team call-on-duty status
Message Deliverability Panel
Real time message monitoring panel
Blacklist Monitoring Panel
DNS configuration of SPF, DKIM and DMARC
Supplier’s webservices monitoring
One-to-one deliverability case investigation
Monitoring of critical automations according to agreed parameters

24/7 Operations Support Escalation

Priority 1
Critical Operation

It solves the loss of an important functionality for which there is no alternative solution in the production environment.
Guaranteed maximum response time:
1 hour (24/7)

Priority 2
Degraded service

Solves intermittent problems and reduced service quality in the production environment.
Guaranteed maximum response time:
2 business hours

Priority 3Development Environment

Solves doubts about usability, requests and problems in the development environment.
Guaranteed maximum response time:
3 business hours

Whom is the 24/7 Operations Support plan oriented to?

This plan aims at all employees involved in the company’s chain of operations that uses DANAconnect for critical communications that cannot be interrupted.

Can it be combined with other plans?

Yes. The Operations support plan can be combined with the other plans.

Can I change plans?

Yes. You can change to any other support plan at any time.

Who serves support requests?

This plan offers a priority escalation line, which ensures that the most critical cases go to the beginning of the queue. Similarly, with the Customized 24/7 Operations Plan, a technical account manager is appointed to handle cases and to have historical management of all cases.

How can you know the status of the DANAconnect platform?

DANAconnect publishes the status of all its webservices and APIs through the website: https://status.danaconnect.com. Incidents notifications are also sent to those who want to subscribe. This status is public and shows the real-time data generated by the Pingdom service of Solar Wind, which is responsible for monitoring the availability and response times of third-party systems.