Cloud SMTP with reports

What is Cloud SMTP with reports?

Cloud SMTP is an interface that allows applications to connect using SMTP to send in bulk highly traceable emails. Additionally, an element of traceability is automatically added to the content of the emails. This added Cloud SMTP traceability allows you to obtain highly useful reports that aren’t possible with standard protocols. Organizations with heavy traffic or mixed legacy systems will find this solution ideal.

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  • Complement your company’s corporate email suite to enable Application to Person (A2P) bulk emailing from the cloud.
  • Manage unsubscription from contact lists.
  • Automatically generate trackable links, open detection codes, unsubscribe links and detect mail bounces.
  • Detect spam complaints made from the main email providers and automatically manage blacklists.
  • Enable the generation of sent and bounced emails reports.
  • Enable DMARC Reporting and Message Audit Module of DANAconnect.
  • Detect spam complaints made from the main email providers.


Automated flow through alternative cross digital channels that guarantees invoice delivery, automates cost efficiency, and makes follow-up reminders of payment dates with an email a few days before the due date. On the due day of the invoice, if it is still marked as unpaid in the database, a payment reminder is automatically sent, including an immediate online payment option. Finally, in case the client is delinquent for more than a certain number of days, a periodic automatic call can be made until the invoice is paid.

Architecture options

  • Applications directly connected to the cloud.
  • Mixed connection to the cloud: applications with a connection through proxy combined with applications directly connected to the cloud.
  • Applications with connection to the cloud through a proxy.

Implementation time

  • 1 to 7 days


  • DANAconnect Essential account

Types of reports

  • Email Openings
  • Email Bounces
  • Spam reports
  • Unsubscribe from list

What is Cloud SMTP?

Cloud SMTP, explained simply, allows a server to request another server to send emails. The servers are connected through the cloud and make requests with an SMTP username and password to send email from an application on your institution’s servers through an external server for bulk email sending.

Why use DANAconnect’s Cloud SMTP service?

  • High traceability of messages.
  • It allows consolidating the governance of the communications generated by the company to its clients.
  • High deliverability to the inbox in high volumes.

What is the difference between SMTP and HTTP protocols?

SMTP is used to transfer emails between mail servers, while HTTP is used to transfer data from a web server to a web client.

What is the DANAconnect SMTP Cloud service?

Besides connecting applications using standard SMTP, this interface enriches the emails with elements that reveal their traceability, allowing the user to obtain reports such as:

  • Opening logs
  • Bounce logs
  • Spam complaint logs
  • Unsubscribe logs

What do you mean by auditable emails?

Emails sent from DANAconnect’s Cloud SMTP interface are integrated with the platform’s auditing module. In this way, it is possible to generate audit reports that include the transfer log of the messages in native format.

This module is highly effective in helping companies defend themselves in court in litigation cases or during audits carried out by regulatory or consumer protection bodies.

What are the benefits of the Cloud SMTP solution?

  • Automatic generation of email opening detection codes.
  • Automatic generation of unsubscribe links.
  • Post bounce detection.
  • Detection of spam complaints made by the leading email providers.
  • Automatic management of blacklists.
  • Integration with the DANAconnect Audit Module.
  • Integration with the DANAconnect Authentication System.
  • Support sending up to 3 attachments.
  • Carbon Copy an BCC support to up to 10 recipients.
  • Validation of authorized senders from the DANAconnect Security Panel.
  • Monitoring the reputation of IPs and sender domain names from the Deliverability Panel.
  • Integrated DMARC reporting module.

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