Capture lead data

Keep an open channel to receive the data generated by customers or prospects through web forms, text messages, Facebook Leads, third-party applications and more.

Connect the real world with the virtual one

Using keywords via SMS or with QR codes, access points for lead capture can be transmitted and distributed orally or visually, word of mouth, radio, printed posters and more.

Friendly drag and drop editor

Friendly visual tools to create and publish landing pages and HTML web pages with a simple drag and drop.

Total integration with other modules

Integrates perfectly with the modules in the platform, updates customer information and finally makes communications with the most up-to-date information possible.

Inbound Manager – Lead and customer data input
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Input for your operations and processes


Input methods receive the information entered by customers from different points of entry, update the database and integrate the information received into commercial operations automated flows:

  • Flow Completion to capture of all customer data
  • Lead nurturing and maturing sequences
  • Self-service queries via SMS through keywords
  • Automatic responses to online queries

Webforms design and publishing

Create and easily publish web forms with a drag and drop tool that feeds and updates your customer database and triggers other automated processes within the flows.

Bulk upload and contacts update

Contact lists can be uploaded and updated through a REST-based web service configured from a simple web interface.

SMS keyword creation

Program automatic responses triggered by interactions requested by the customer via SMS with a keyword.

Landing Pages creation and publishing

Landing pages are a resource that is used to respond to the recipient after it has made some interaction within the communication.

Streamline Your Customer Communications

Eliminate manual processes end-to-end