General Features

Collaborative environment

Management of roles and user restrictions for the administration and visualization of communication flows, reports, contacts, segments, inbound, in all modules.

Use Case Gallery

Templates Gallery organized by process: collections, marketing, notifications, transactions, CX and sub-organized by product: credit, policies, online banking, savings or checking account.

Brand manager

Creation of brand sets to include your corporate identity, logo, colors and URLs in the templates with a single click.

Outbound communications

Multichannel and Crosschannel Sending:

Outgoing email channel
Outgoing SMS channel
Automated call channel
PUSH notification channel

Drag’n’drop flow designer

Visual drag and drop designer of multi-step and multi-channel flows that allows the design of iterative communication logics.

Drag’n’drop email editor

Visual email template editor that allows you to include email components by dragging them from a menu.

Timers for sending and triggering event

Timers to program flows with follow-up and lead nurturing over time.

Filters, events, and dynamic labels

Dynamic content, filtering, events, and triggers from flows.

Dynamic attachments

Sending regular or dynamic attachments via email, SMS, chatbot, and WhatsApp.

Dynamic content from the DB

Dynamic content is personalized with contact information available on all channels.

Flow templates

Management of email, SMS, call, and PUSH templates for easy duplication of flows.

Local SMS connection

Local connection with text providers, integrators and operators. See coverage>

Real-time reporting

Reports of bounces, deliveries, visualizations, and clicks in real time.

Score Anti-Spam for templates

Anti-Spam verification based on the content of the email.

Generation of short URLs for SMS

Generation of short URLs for text messages.

SMS with attachments and rich media

Rich Content SMS with HTML and dynamic attachments. See more>

Google Analytics Integration

Integration with your active Google Analytics account for viewing visit statistics.

API Request from flow 

Integration  to external systems with HTTP push API from the flows drag and drop designer.

White label handling in URLs

The URLs sent in your communications are adapted to your corporate brand and domain name, including forms and landing pages and email links.

Contact Managing

Multiple contact lists

Administration of multiple databases with easy configuration for contact lists.

Up to 200 custom fields

Customization of up to 200 fields per contact list, with the possibility of configuring the base data type.

Bulk import

Bulk import of contacts via CSV or simply copy and paste from Excel.

Exporting contacts

Export of contacts to CSV or Excel and text files.

Organization by categories

Category management and contact list organization.

Customization of base data types

Advanced configuration of base data types for contact list fields.

API Bulk Upload of Contacts

REST API upload in bulk for inserting records into the database.

Restrictions per user

Ability to restrict the display of fields and segments for each user.

Filter segmentation

Ability to segment contacts by combining filters in multiple fields.

Relations between lists

Ability to link different contact lists by database tables.

Contact Update API

REST API for managing contact data records by unique ID.

Inbound communications

Email Receiver

Incoming mailboxes autogeneration to receive  events and trigger communications.

Forms and surveys

Easy-to-use survey web form creation with drag and drop editor and one-click publishing.

Bulk upload of contacts

Contact lists automatic file upload manager through multiple methods: via SFTP, webservices and / or via email attachment.

Incoming SMS receiver

SMS reception module that allows you to configure SMS keywords that trigger flows and communications.

Landing pages

Landing web pages module created with a drag and drop editor and published with a single click.

Information security

Security dashboard

Real time reports of latest activities, user access, IP addresses, senders, authorized hours and security rules.

DMARC reports

DMARC daily reporting interface for monitoring which servers send communications on behalf of your domain.

Password policies

Customization of password policies, expiration days, characters length, number of failures.

Access restrictions

User access restriction by IP ranges and by hours.

User Profiles

Profile management, roles and permissions per user for each application. Assigning roles when sharing content.

Sessions length

Customization of the duration of the sessions.

Selective Restriction of BD Viewing

User restrictions for contact file/DB fields viewing.

Dashboard access logs

Viewing access history through the Security Dashboard.

LDAP Integration

Integration with LDAP or Active Directory of your company.

Access via VPN

Access via VPN for integrations.

Anti-Spam Score

Anti-Spam systems for content and format validation.

Multi-factor authentication

Option to add multi-channel authentication

HTTPS protocol

HTTPS for all the pages in the platform.

System redundancy

Redundancy in all systems with high availability in case of failure.

e-Docs Managing

High volume handling

Storage capacity for high volumes of documents.

Delivery audit

Forensic information of each case related to a document with legal reports and search by recipient and by channel: email and / or SMS.

SFTP account

SFTP account with SSH key for secure point to point bulk transfer to your digital documents repository.

Classification and management

Management of document types. Example: health / life policy, checking / savings statements, mobile / landline telephone bill.

Attachment by SMS and other channels

Dynamic documents distribution via attachments through SMS, email, WhatsApp and chatbot.

Storage scalability

Document storage scalability according to your needs.

Search by configurable indexes

Document search index management. Example: customer ID, account number, policy number, etc.

Batch compression

Batch document compression. Example: ZIP of all account statements for a client in 2019.

Document redundancy

Document storage with redundancy, backups, and high availability.

Document upload API

Document upload REST API that allows individual uploading of files to be dynamically attached by contact.

Reports and BI

Compatible Daily log returns

Daily log returns compliant with BI standards

Advanced search in reports

Filtered visualization tool for BI reports.

Totals per month

Sent messages reports per month.

Totals per channel

Sent messages reports by channel.

Totals by date ranges

Sent messages reports by date ranges.

By date ranges and by campaign

Email metrics by date ranges and by campaign (sent, opened, clicks and bounces).

Data bases fields reports

Reports of the fields in the contact lists.

Bulk export

Export of reports in excel and csv files.

APIs and integrations

REST API flow start

REST API for activating transactional flows.


One time password generation and validation API, for single-use multi-factor keys.

SMTP interface for A2P emailing

SMTP Relay interface to send from your applications, adding traceability and reporting.

API REST contact upload

API for bulk upload of contacts to create mailing lists.

API REST attachments upload

File upload via webservice to be dynamically attached for each contact via email and SMS.

API SOAP blacklists

Search for services and subscriptions, block and unblock addresses, subscribe and delete address subscriptions to services.

SFTP accounts

SFTP accounts and creation of SSH keys to add and download files from the digital document repository.

Activations log

Daily logs return of new activations.

Sent Email log

Daily logs return of email.

Opened Email log

Daily logs return of post opening.

Bounced Email log

Daily return of mail bounce logs.

Privacy management log

Daily return of logs of blocks and SPAM reports.

Error log

Daily return of error logs during shipping.

Contacts log

Updated daily return of a contact list.

ETL load

ETL load of contacts.

API SOAP flow start

API SOAP for the activation of transactional flows.

Governance and compliance

Message audit

Detailed reports in native format for all messages sent to an email address, legally admissible in court.

Deliverability dashboard

Dashboard to view in detail the internal and external factors that influence the delivery of messages.

Blacklist management

Settings to manage blacklists by channel and by type of communication.

Blacklist automation

Automated management of “do not send”, blacklists, unsubscribed, bounced, flagged as spam.

Email Archiving

Storage of contents of emails sent with search by individual email address.

Management of types of communication

Sending criteria differentiation between regulated mandatory communications and marketing messages and other processes.

Automatic customer allowance

Automatic blocking in the event of a spam flag or subscription removal.

Holidays and do not send dates control

Control of holidays to not send messages.

Privacy management log

Domain customization in email links.

Integration with “do not send” Lists

Integration with “do not send” lists administered by government and regulatory entities.

Time zones Control

Control of time slots for sending messages at appropriate times.

Developer Features

Separated environments

Quality and production in different enviroments.

Debug Mode

Step-by-step flow debugging configuration.

Logs for developers

Special reports and logs for developers.