Document Migration Service

This service is designed to facilitate the transfer of existing documents to the DANAconnect platform. We understand that switching from one system to another can be challenging, especially when dealing with financial institutions handling a large amount of sensitive data and complex structures.

We configure your repositories so that documents are easy to locate, use, and send through our platform.

What is the Document Repository Migration Service like?

We understand that transitioning to a new document management platform can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, our Document Repository Migration service is designed to make this process as fluid and secure as possible. Here are the key steps:

Initial Analysis

  • Before any migration, our team of experts conducts a thorough analysis of your current repository to understand your specific needs. This allows us to plan a migration that aligns with your operational and security objectives.
  • We develop a customized migration plan that details the timeline, necessary resources, and security protocols that will be followed throughout the process.

Setting up Indexing, Data Collections, Search Criteria, and Organization

  • We configure the destination repository in our Document Manager to ensure it is optimized for your needs. This includes setting up search criteria, document classifications (by product type, by process or by necessary criteria) and user permissions.

File Transfer and Secure Migration Process

  • We employ robust security protocols and cutting-edge technologies to ensure a safe and efficient transfer of your documents from external systems. We understand that the magnitude of files can range from millions to billions, and we are prepared to handle large volumes of data measured in terabytes. Although the transfer time may extend due to the large amount of data involved, our infrastructure is designed to optimize speed and security at every stage of the process.

Validation and Testing

  • Once the migration is completed, we conduct a series of tests and validations to ensure that all documents have been transferred correctly and that the system is ready for use.

Integration with Automated Flows

  • With the documents now in their new home, we proceed to integrate them with automated flows and other modules of our platform, allowing you to send attachments through multiple channels like email, SMS, WhatsApp, web portals or mobile apps.

Training and Support

  • We offer training sessions for your team and provide ongoing support to ensure you make the most of the capabilities of our Document Manager.

Audit, Monitoring and Reporting

  • Our services offers configuration of audit reports that allow you to track who has accessed which document, when and from where, thus ensuring traceability and compliance.

A Safe Home for Your Documents

Start your journey toward efficiency with peace of mind knowing that all your client documents will be stored in redundant, highly available repositories. This is the first step to centralizing and securing millions of critical files.

Custom File Upload

Our migration service offers flexibility to adapt to your needs. Whether by bulk upload through an SFTP account or individually with our Webservice Interface, we guarantee a safe and efficient process.

Seamless Integration with Automated Flows

Once migrated, the documents will be ready to be used in automated flows with other modules of DANAconnect’s platform and also from external services through API.

Search and View Tools

Our migration service prepares documents for easy search and viewing. Set up filtering and indexing criteria to quickly access what is needed, when is needed, and from the preffered channel.

Self-Service and Mobile Access

Once migrated, documents will be available for your customers to self-service through multiple channels, including chatbots, mobile apps, and online portals. They will also be available through API for queries from external services.

Streamline Your Customer Communications

Eliminate manual processes end-to-end