How to use WhatsApp to offer information and document self-service

In the digital age, customers expect quick and easy access to their financial documents. Banks, insurers and other financial institutions have responded by offering online information and document self-service solutions where customers can access their financial data whenever they want.

But what if you could take that experience even further? What if you could allow your customers to access not only their account statements and transaction history, but also the rest of their important documents directly from WhatsApp?

The good news is that today this is already possible thanks to DANAconnect. With this innovative tool you can automate your omnichannel strategy to effectively reach the target audience regardless of the channel used by them. In this case, particularly speaking about the combined use between WhatsApp and DANAconnect to provide an exceptional service focused on giving personalized attention with great ease.

In this article we will explain how the integration between both applications (DANAconnect + WhatsApp) works to implement a better 24/7 automated service for enterprise-level companies.

Automated information and document self-service via Whatsapp

Advantages of document self-service through WhatsApp

Self-service based on instant messaging has several advantages over other traditional channels such as email or web portal:

Accessibility: Total Number of Global Daily Active Users Reaches Nearly 1 Billion According to We Are Social Digital Report 2021; being one of the most used social networks.

immediacy: When communicating within the same chat, an immediate response is expected, thus avoiding long downtime caused by phone calls or emails.

Simplicity: The ease of use by having only one application, WhatsApp, which is mostly already installed on current smartphones.

How does information and document self-service work?

With WhatsApp and DANAconnect you can offer your clients an automated service to access their documents and financial information. For example:

  1. The customer sends a text message via WhatsApp requesting access to their digital account statement.
  2. DANAconnect receives the request automatically, verifies the identity of the client, and starts the search for the document required by the user.
  3. The requested document is located automatically within the institution repository in DANAconnect platform, and it is sent directly to the client via WhatsApp or any other channel chosen by them (email or sms), thus ensuring that it is safe thanks to the native security features provided by the platform, such as HTTPS bank-level certifications and SSL/TLS protocol.

Why use DANAconnect + WhatsApp for documents self-service?

In addition to the benefits mentioned above over IM-based services, there are several financial industry-specific reasons to opt for the combined solutions between both providers:

Improve customer experience

Offering additional options where they can receive important information without having to constantly enter web portals or request it by phone. Your clients can easily obtain all kinds of documentation from financial statements to tax receipts just when they require it. This also helps reduce downtime and friction normally caused while waiting for telephone service or technical support via email.

Enhanced security

The very fact that they are two leading security digital platforms, such as DANAconnect and WhatsApp, complement each other perfectly to guarantee the privacy of the end user. The automation platform has HTTPS bank-level certifications, SSL/TLS protocol, and thanks to its modular design, it allows existing systems in financial institutions to be connected without having to change the infrastructure or system architecture.

Cost reduction

When it comes to providing customer support, one should always consider a sustainable long-term strategy; either by reducing operating costs or more efficient implementation through technology.

The combined use of both tools not only reduces costs associated with technical support but also helps streamline human resources by reducing downtime.

How to implement DANAconnect + WhatsApp for document self-service?

The best way to take advantage of this combined solution between both digital platforms is by following these steps:

  1. Acquire the license and associated services: Contact us directly and we will provide you with detailed information about the different existing editions, as well as additional services.
  2. Initial setup : Our team is in charge of both the design, as well as the technical configuration necessary to be able to connect all your internal systems through APIs.
  3. Creation of automated flows: Once connected our team will carry out all the creation and installation of the respective automated conversation sequences required according to each particular case .
  4. Testing stage: Before putting it into operation completely , we carry out exhaustive tests where we can ensure correct operation before releasing it definitively .


The integration between WhatsApp and DANAconnect represents a great advance towards the future of personalized automatic digital service focused on satisfying the specific needs of both clients and financial companies. The joint implementation of both digital platforms not only offers tangible benefits but also improves the Customer experience thanks to ease of use without sacrificing efficiency or financial privacy.

With our innovative tools you will have everything you need to provide personalized attention even outside business hours, thus increasing customer satisfaction and allowing better management of internal resources.

As these solutions continue to evolve we should expect to see how other innovative features will be developed to further enhance the overall experience. In any case, the important thing is to be prepared to adopt them quickly before your competitors.

By using this joint solution, you ensure that you offer exactly what your users want: Quick and immediate access to all those queries regardless of where they are located or when they require said information.

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