Cross selling for investment accounts

Cross selling for investment accounts

What is cross selling for investment accounts?

The purpose of cross selling for investment accounts is to send, over a period of 4 months to a full year, investment educational content to a segment of your clients who already have another product with you. It creates a score based on the customer’s interaction with the content to determine when to start sending precision sales content when the lead has been nurtured and it may be appropriate. In addition, prospects can contact a sales consultant immediately for further information once they are ready to buy. Contact with the advisor can be automated by sending an SMS, by creating a CRM ticket, or by sending an email.


  • Enlarge the scale of investment prospects to make it more profitable by individual, thus also enlarging the ideal segments to nurture.
  • Keep a “heat score” to determine when the prospect is ready for conversion.
  • Make the transition from marketing prospect to sales through a structured and accountable system.
  • Keep the product top of mind during the customer journey.


Sending periodical educational communications on investing basics for an entire year so prospects can nurture themselves, minimize friction, and move on to the sales stage. It also assesses the level of readiness for the lead conversion and then facilitates contact with the sales department by integrating with the company’s helpdesk or CRM.


Customization possibilities:

  • Customized written and graphic content of all emails to be sent during the campaign.
  • Configurable corporate image, colors, logo and product image.
  • Dynamic and personalized prospect information.
  • Fields of the forms and information to collect from the lead.

Implementation timeframe:

  • 2 to 8 weeks


  • Have a DANAConnect account
  • Have the segmented data by products that each client already has with your company

Data source:

  • The data to be used as the source of the contacts comes from a segmentation of your current customer base

Do you want to experience this solution as your customers would?

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