About DANAconnect






Facilitate and simplify day-to-day communications between Financial Institutions and their clients through automation, always seeking to improve the customer experience, so that processes work more effectively and at a lower cost.

DANAconnect is the ideal communication automation platform for the financial ecosystem:

In addition to smart flows and cutting-edge cross-channel technology, DANAconnect adds features specifically designed for the financial industry to ensure security, governance, compliance, and auditing.

Our leaders

Paul Kienholz

CEO & Co-founder

Specialist in software architecture, distributed computing, communication platforms, artificial intelligence, code optimization techniques, and SaaS.

Enrique Urdaneta

Director & Co-founder

Business finance specialist with extensive experience in financial planning, profitability analysis, evaluation of investment projects and business plans.

Luis De Zabala

Corporate Sales VP & Director

Specialist in growth and risk strategy, business development, marketing, sales and channel management, performance management, governance and compliance.

Magdalena De Luca


Entrepreneur, digital strategist and international speaker on technological integration for the Latin American, Caribbean and United States region.

Jower Garcia

Technology VP

Electronic Engineer with over two decades of experience in the area of systems administration. Specialist in management, network / server operations and development of software solutions.

Javier Kovacs

Presales & OnBoarding Manager

Systems Engineer with a Master in Business Management. He has extensive experience in processes, services, and project management focused on customer service, email marketing, and training.

Severino Mastracci

Operations Manager

Senior Technician in Computer Science. Specialist in infrastructure, information security, forensic audits, encryption systems, end user SLA design and management.

Ma. Cristina Arroyo

Human Resources manager

Bachelor of Business Administration and Specialized in Human Talent Management. With more than a decade of experience with internal clients in advertising and mass consumption companies.

Sarina's picture

Sarina Salas

Regional Presale Leader

Materials Engineer with over a decade of experience in commercial, supporting sales improvement through structured planning.

Fabiana Arroyo Poleo

Marketing & Communication Manager

Degree in Audiovisual Communication, with a specialization in Software Product Management. Extensive experience in UI and graphic projects. Specialist in digital communication and marketing automation.

Ma. Vanessa Urquiola

CAM – Automation Specialist

Bachelor in Mass Communication and MSc in Marketing. With extensive experience in the area of communications automation. Specialist in graphic projects, user experience and process documentation.

Leomarys Figueroa

CAM – Automation Specialist

Bachelor of Business Administration of Design Enterprises. With extensive experience in the area of graphic projects and customer service. Specialist in email marketing and advanced automation design.

Evelenir Barreto

CAM – Automation Specialist

Bachelor of Computing with a master’s degree in Systems Engineering. With more than 15 years of teaching experience. Specialist in computational logic, algorithms, applied mathematics and process optimization.

Armando Santoro

IT Consultant – Programmer

Systems engineer with extensive experience in solution development, software product management and project management. Specialist in QA and product life cycle.

Some of our clients in the Financial Industry:

Mercantil Banco
Seguros Caracas
Mercantil Seguros
Customer logo Banesco
DANAconnect customer Prima
Oceánica de Seguros
Customer logo La Positiva
tigo millicom
Customer logo Equivida
Customer logo Pacifico insurance

Some of our clients in other sectors:

Logo Plumrose
Logo Grupo Zoom
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logo urbano