DANAconnect offers the most complete SMS solution for the financial industry:

DANAconnect serves a large number of banks and insurers in the region and has developed unique and hyper-flexible enterprise-grade functionalities covering security, compliance and building customer trust.

Exclusive SMS capabilities set DANAconnect apart

SMS capabilities exclusive to the DANAconnect platform:

🦄 Custom domains in short URL

Allows organizations to add their own short domain name to all links in their SMS communications. Both in regular SMS and enriched SMS. This allows organizations to clearly identify the origin of messages, offering trust in the channel and guaranteeing security for the final user.

🦄 Short URLs with dynamic parameters

The platform takes the long URL with all the parameters and automatically converts it into a short URL with all the same features and capabilities of the original long URL. Since SMS is a medium that limits the number of characters that can be sent per message, this feature provides great flexibility by allowing dynamic parameters to be added to the URL of SMS links without sacrificing the number of characters in the message.

🦄 Regex and substrings in dynamic tags

It is possible to use dynamic super-labels with regular expressions (regex) and substrings to extract partial information from database fields. 

Examples of some uses of dynamic super tags

🦄 External triggers

The external trigger records the action of visiting an external link that is not part of the flow, signaling that the action required was performed and that the flow can continue. This triggers the following events within flows after a user has performed a specific action, such as clicking a link or filling out a form. It is also possible to obtain and update data of a record from external systems.

Some practical examples of using External Trigger in SMS:

  • Sending a second confirmation message immediately after the user fills out a form opened from a rich SMS.
  • Calling a banking API to block a credit card after the user clicked the “I don’t recognize this transaction” link in the rich SMS. Using the external trigger you can record the response of the external server in order to send a confirmation to the user or perform another next action.

🦄 Rich SMS with web media

Rich SMS is a web content that accompanies the SMS text message that can include any content that can be put on a web page: text, video, images, audio, html, etc.

🦄 Sending dynamic documents by SMS

It is possible to send different documents for each end user through SMS managed with the Document Manager system of the DANAconnect platform.

🦄 Upload documents and files with rich SMS forms

By being able to integrate the forms system with rich SMS, it is possible for users to use the upload option to upload and deliver files and documents.

More DANAconnect SMS capabilities:

SMS delivery audit

This feature offers detailed reports in native format of all messages sent. Using the user interface, you can search by recipient phone number and the results can be used in legal proceedings.

Intelligent SMS flows with timers, filters and event triggers

Inclusion of filters so that messages are sent according to certain conditions. Likewise, waiting times are included to continue sending other messages and trigger events according to the actions that the user has carried out with the SMS.

SMS integration with other channels within intelligent flows

It is possible to send a sequence of messages through different channels depending on the user’s actions: SMS, email, automated text-to-speech calls, push, WhatsApp or any API call.

Embedding webservices (incoming and outgoing) within the SMS flows

Using the API node, external webservice requests and responses can be integrated into the SMS smart flow.

Inbound SMS and keywords triggered events

It allows the bidirectionality of SMS messages to receive keywords that start a programmed next action.

Inclusion of dynamic labels in SMS messages

Text messages can include personalized information for each end customer pulled from the database and placed as a variable in a label.

Form submissions in SMS

Rich SMS integrates with the DANAconnect platform forms system to allow users to fill out forms and surveys, as well as upload documents and files.

Multiple contact lists

Managing multiple databases with easy configuration for sending SMS to different contact lists.

SMS list unsubscription

Automated management to stop sending more messages to contacts who have unsubscribed.

Bulk automated upload of contacts files for SMS sending

Automated contact list uploads via multiple methods: SFTP, webservices and/or via email attachment.

Transactional alerts

Reception of requests via webservice or webhook to trigger transactional alerts through SMS text messages.

Time slot control

Control of time slots for sending messages at appropriate times and according to the regulations of each country.

Local SMS connection at a global level

Connection in all countries with local providers, integrators and operators to improve deliverability and costs.