Solutions for Customer Experience Automation

In this growing catalog you can find use cases with specific solutions for the needs of your industry

ewallet loyalty reward card

Loyalty and Reward Points Card for eWallet

Loyalty and Reward Digital Card to distribute to your customers by email or SMS channels, with barcode to register purchases and real time up to date information of their reward points.

Recovery of Lost Customers Automation

Recovery of Lost Customers Automation

Sequence of messages sent to the customer once they unsubscribe, aimed at understanding why the customer opted out, fine-tuning their profile, and offering optimized personalized options.

Digital Insurance Policy Document Generation for automated onboarding

Digital Policy Document Generation

Creates the document dynamically with the customer’s data and adds a digitally signed certificate before sending it to the new client.

Digitally Issued Service Contract

Digitally Issued Service Contract

Automation to generate a digital service contract, based on a template, which inserts a digitally signed certificate in the issued document.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

Allows to send text messages to mobile terminals around the world without having to deal with expensive infrastructure or connections from multiple operators.

whatsapp banking

WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking

Customer service solution for banks that automates responses to messages and allows document self-service integrating WhatsApp application.

eWallet Insurance Broker Card

eWallet Insurance Broker Card

Used with the mobile e-wallet applications so that brokers and promoters can view the complete and up to date information of their client portfolio

chatbot whatsapp insurance

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance is a customer service solution that automates responses, guarantees speed and efficiency at low cost

digital insurance card

Digital Insurance card eWallet

Digital insurance card to distribute to your customers by email or SMS channels with always up to date information of services and resources