Telegram Chatbot for Sales Force Requests

What is Telegram Chatbot for Sales Force Requests?

With Telegram Chatbot for Sales Force Requests, sales representatives have access to internal customer service and can submit requests regarding the sales process in a structured manner.

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  • Achieving outstanding customer service and customer experience internal to the company
  • Use a low-cost service channel for the service of internal clients and intermediaries using the free Telegram APIs.
  • Respond to cases of care that require immediacy and effective assistance.
  • Take advantage of the highly distributed application in the world as a digital channel.
  • Lower the volume of calls to the call center.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering more convenience, high availability, immediacy and updated information in real time.
  • Relate the corporate brand with innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Implementation of a digital customer service channel, which will route internal customer enquiries through an automated chatbot interacting with the Telegram IM application.


  • Integration to send document and critical info through other channels (email and SMS) for double layered security
  • Webform integration for uploading employee data and documents
  • Configuration of automatic response texts and options available to the user 100% tailored to the processes of your organization

Implementation time

  • 4 to 8 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced account

Cross Channel Strategy

  • Telegram as chatbot interface
  • SMS as alternative delivery channel for extra layer security
  • Email as alternative delivery channel for extra layer security
  • Webforms for entering employee data and documents

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