Training Services

In each session, we support and guide each participant to ensure the effectiveness of the processes they wish to accomplish on the platform. All this through workshops and online sessions, where we provide tools and best practices that empower te company to optimize communications processes and automations.

Training available for DANAconnect users:

Theoretical workshop: 3 sessions x 2 hours
Practice workshop: 2 hours
Total time: 8 hours
Student profile: New Danaconnect users

This course is designed for new users in operational areas who need to become familiar with the basic functionalities to start using DANAconnect in its Essentials version, which includes Email and SMS channels. The course provides the practical skills needed to start using DANAconnect effectively from day one.

Training content:

How to start using DANAconnect

  • First steps on the platform:
  • Basic concepts: account, user, company code, team features and collaboration.
  • Overview of the platform’s Essentials modules and what they are for.
  • Configuration of the corporate brand.

Contact List Management

  • Creation of base fields for contact lists.
  • Importing lists from CSV files.
  • Share databases with other users of the platform.

Creating Email and SMS Conversations

  • Importing pre-designed html templates.
  • Use of data to personalize messages.
  • Share conversations with other users of the platform.

Basic automation functionalities

  • Adding timers and update nodes.

Activation of Automated Conversations

  • How to add authorized senders.
  • Scheduling and activating automations .
  • Viewing reports in real time.

Theoretical workshop: 3 sessions x 2 hours
Practice workshop: 2 hour
Total time: 8 hours
Student profile: Users with Experience in DANAconnect

This advanced training dives into the most sophisticated automation techniques, including orchestrating omnichannel flows, using Request API nodes in flows, the startConversation node to trigger other automations, and implementing regular expressions for segmentation and analysis. more precise.

Training content:

Omnichannel Flow Orchestration:

  • How to design and execute workflows that integrate multiple communication channels (email, SMS, push, WhatsApp, etc.).
  • Strategies to coordinate workflows between different channels, optimizing costs.

Advanced Events:

  • Filters, events and external triggers.

API Request Node in Flows:

  • How to incorporate API calls to external systems into your integration workflows.
  • How to receive the results of calls to external webservices through the external trigger functionality.

Nodo de startConversation 

  • Using the startConversation node to trigger other automations from a flow.

Regular expressions:

  • Introduction to regular expressions and how to use them to display custom data effectively.

Advanced Use Cases:

  • Practical examples and real scenarios where these advanced techniques are applied.

Best Practices and Security Considerations

Theoretical workshop:
2 hours

Practice workshop:
2 hours

Total time:
4 hours

Student profile:
Users with previous DANAconnect experience

The theoretical-practical Web Forms workshop will allow you to delve into one of the most versatile functionalities of DANAconnect: the capture and management of customer data through online forms. You’ll learn how to create, customize, and optimize these forms to fit your organization’s specific needs.

Training content:

  • Initial Settings:

    • First steps to configure a web form in DANAconnect.
  • Types of Fields and Their Different Uses:

    • Exploring the different types of fields available and how to use them effectively.
  • Personalization, Use of Visual Elements and Branding:

    • Techniques to incorporate the branding of your organization and improve the user experience.
  • Form Pagination:

    • How to split a form into multiple pages to improve usability.
  • Dynamic Date Loading from Contact Lists:

    • You will learn how to dynamically load data into your forms from your contact lists in DANAconnect.
  • Mapping Form Fields to Contact Lists:

    • Integrate forms with contact lists.
    • How to ensure that captured data lines up perfectly with the fields in your contact lists.
  • Updating Contact Lists from Forms:

    • Automate the updating of your contact lists with the data captured through the forms.
  • Integration of forms in automated flows:

    • Use of the external trigger functionality to use forms in the middle of a flow, capture customer data and be able to continue with the flow.
  • Activation of Automated Conversations from Forms:

    • Set up automated conversations that are triggered based on form responses or interactions.
  • Common Use Cases:

    • Practical examples of how Web Forms can be used in different scenarios within financial institutions.
  • Reporting:

    • How to access metrics and create reports.

Theoretical workshop: 3 sessions x 2 hours
Practice workshop: 2 hour
Total time: 8 hours
Student profile: advanced DANAconnect Users


This course is designed specifically for experienced DANAconnect users who need to perform automated data loading when manually importing contact lists is no longer sufficient for your organization’s needs.

In this course, we focus on setting up and optimizing this process to make it as efficient and secure as possible.

Training content:

Advanced Configuration of Contact List Fields:

  • Date Types: You will learn to define the data types that best suit your needs, such as text, numbers, dates, etc.
  • Length: How to set the appropriate length for each field, optimizing storage and search efficiency.
  • Segmentation of contact lists.
  • Use of fields with visual rendering (NPS, satisfaction surveys, stars)
  • Column value generator and random value generation.

Settings for teamwork and permissions

  • Viewing fields by teams and users
  • Required fields within the contact list

Contact File Configuration for Data Loading from External Sources:

  • Connection and Security: Steps to securely connect external databases with DANAconnect from SFTP.
  • Import Automation: Set up automatic imports to keep contact lists always up to date with Contact File
  • Field Mapping so that the imported data aligns perfectly with the fields and data types and lengths in the contact lists.

Different Types of Activations from data

  • Activation and triggers of conversations from data:How to activate conversations to adapt to automated data loading.
  • Using data segments for activations.