Dynamic Generation of PDF document with digital signature from data

What is the Generation of PDF document with digital signature from the data?

The generation of digitally signed PDF documents from data offers a comprehensive solution to transform critical information into secure, digitally signed PDF documents from a template.

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  • Generate documents from data in real time.
  • Ensure that the client receives the document through a digital channel in the most effective and expeditious manner possible.
  • Lower costs of generation and distribution.
  • Lower closing times and delivering times.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering more convenience, high availability, and immediacy.
  • Relate the corporate brand with innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Customization options:

  • Digital certificate in the name of the institution.
  • Corporate image, colors, logo of the institution in the document and in the communications.
  • 100% configurable document template and customer information fields in the digital contract.
  • Multiple and cross digital delivery channels available for specific needs.
  • The agents or executives can be incorporated into the flows so that they also receive the information.
  • Integration with internal systems, tickets and / or core.

Implementation timeframe:

  • 2 to 4 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced

Want to see a demo of this solution?

Frequently Asked Questions about Generating PDF Documents from Dynamic Data

  1. What is the generation of PDF documents from dynamic data?A: It is a process by which real-time data or data from various sources is automatically converted into a structured and formatted PDF document according to user needs.
  2. Why would it be useful to use dynamic data to generate PDF documents?A: It allows the automatic and real-time creation of documents, which is especially useful for delivering personalized invoices, statements, checklists, updated reports, specific contracts, and any document requiring current and personalized customer data.
  3. What types of data sources can be used?A: Contact lists, databases, spreadsheets, APIs, CRM systems, ERP, among others can be utilized. The flexibility in data sources allows to adapt to various business needs.
  4. Is the process secure? Is data privacy guaranteed?A: Absolutely. Data security and privacy are paramount. Encryption protocols and advanced security measures are used to ensure that data is protected at all times.
  5. Is it possible to customize the design and format of the generated PDF?A: Yes, tools and options are provided to customize the appearance, structure, and design of the PDF document according to specific requirements.
  6. Is it possible to integrate this service with other systems or applications already in use?A: Yes, the solution is compatible with a wide variety of systems and applications, and integration options are offered to ensure a smooth workflow.
  7. What happens if there is a need to generate large volumes of PDF documents simultaneously?A: The system is designed to handle large workloads and can generate multiple documents simultaneously without compromising speed or quality.
  8. Are the generated documents compatible with all PDF readers?A: Yes, the generated PDF documents are standard and compatible with most PDF readers available on the market.
  9. Where are the generated documents stored?A: Generated documents are stored in dedicated, secure, encrypted, and redundant repositories. Depending on customer preferences and requirements, they can be stored for the necessary time. All necessary measures are taken to ensure the privacy and security of the information.
  10. How can these digital documents be delivered and distributed?A: Generated documents can be sent through different channels automatically such as by email, enriched SMS, and can also be delivered on demand through channels like chatbots, WhatsApp, and web portals.