Integration Services

DANAconnect has already developed and published a large variety of APIs and standard ETL processes. However, we offer options for those organizations with the need for us to adapt to the architecture of their systems, services, infrastructure, and internal policies.

Tailored webservices

Creation of new webservices tailored to the needs of your company

Input data format

Input data format adaptation to a DANAconnect compatible standard.

Output formats of sent message logs

Adaptation of the format standard for loading data in your Datawarehouse.

Connector with messaging platform provider

New connectors for SMS, call, push or WhatsApp

Custom webservice creation

DANAconnect offers the new webservices development service tailored for parameter adaptation and API authentication. When manufacturing a new service, we start from the technical specifications, specified field names, methods, data types, validations, authentication, compression, and encryption formats, as well as the description of the response, including the list of errors.

Most common cases of new webservices production
  • Compatibility with Enterprise Service Bus.
  • Compliance with company standards.
  • WS-Security implementation.
  • Plug-And-Play provider change.
  • To facilitate the development of projects that involve sending communications.

Input data format adaptation

In many cases, companies’ systems generate data that is not the market standard or which DANAconnect does not have an already developed interface. For this reason, we provide a service for adapting data entry formats to a DANAconnect compatible standard.

Most common cases of Input data format adaptation
  • Company XML → CSV Compatible with DANAconnect
  • TXT company displacement base → CSV Compatible with DANAconnect

New messaging providers integration

Your company may need to develop a connector with a new provider. Commonly, these are SMS text messaging providers and in some cases, this service also covers other channels, such as voice for automated calls, Whatsapp or Push notifications for mobile applications.

Most common interfaces:
  • SMPP Interface
  • API Rest
  • API SOAP/WS-Security 

Output log format adaptation

We provide this service for companies that wish to modify the format proposed by DANAconnect to facilitate the loading of data in their Datawarehouse. In other cases, the incorporation of additional data extracted from the contact lists is required, such as the customer ID in the company.

Most common cases of adaptation of Output logs:
  • Unification of all data in a single file.
  • Extraction and inclusion of fields from contact lists. Example: Customer ID.
  • Adaptation of output files to base/offset format.
  • Output files to XML format adaptation.
  • Output files to SQL format adaptation.