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Control all your communication processes with a single platform

Manage all communication with your customers combining all channels: email, SMS, chatbot, automatic calls, WhatsApp or Push, from one place and send dynamic e-documents from a single repository.

Made for financial institutions

In addition to automating communication processes, DANAConnect provides industry-grade tools for security, governance and auditing.


Centralize, visualize and control

DANAConnect delivers the power to visualize in one place sent messages and all the senders that are used by your company to communicate with its customers.

Audit case by case

DANAConnect offers forensic information of each case related to a specific message, generates reports in native file format and helps demonstrating the whole routing of such message.

Comply with regulations

DANAConnect lets you manage special rules-based controls, flexible enough to accommodate your changing business requirements, time-slots and regulatory mandates.
Serve more customers, add new services, increase margins, improve the consistency and speed of your service with automated workflows that allow growth without increasing the number of employees.

Create a digital workforce and give your team the ability to do more with less

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