Digital Document Management: From only Email to Omnichannel in 5 Weeks

The collections department of one of the largest telecommunications companies in LATAM normally sent their invoices via email. However, the company only had 41% of their customers’ email addresses, while they had 100% of their mobile numbers. DANAconnect’s digital document management solution, rather than just adding enriched SMS as an additional channel, gave them access to distribute their invoices and other documents through virtually any digital channel.

Large Corporations, Large Challenges

The multinational telecommunications company is one of the largest in LATAM and one of the largest in the world, providing cell phone services, fixed lines, and cable to both individuals and businesses.

The telecommunications company normally already sent their electronic invoices to their customers by email through DANAconnect. However, the company faced the problem that their email lists for sending invoices were incomplete and corresponded to only 41% of their customer base. As the telecommunications company itself provided the cell lines, they logically had the numbers of 100% of their customers’ mobile phones.

To achieve the delivery of invoices to that missing 59%, DANAconnect proposed starting to send them via enriched SMS incorporating a link that downloads the file through the Document Manager application. Since email is cheaper than SMS, the remaining 41% continued to be sent by email. In any case, when DANAconnect detects in real-time that the contact email is invalid, it can automatically decide to send by SMS.

With the Document Manager, DANAconnect offered them a solution that was easy to implement and in record time. This had a significant impact on the effectiveness of their invoice delivery and consequently an optimization of their collections.

The telecommunications company quickly proposed extending this effectiveness to the entire organization when they realized how easily it could be implemented.

Digital Document Management: From only Email to Omnichannel in 5 Weeks

Benefits Transferred to the Entire Organization

Another benefit the telecommunications company received by simply using the solution was having the ability to send the files to any digital channel and on demand. This gave their end customers the ability to consult and download the documents when they needed them and through different channels.

In the same way, the telecommunications company realized that the storage system they were using for distributing documents through the web portal and their chatbot was redundant, so they decided to eliminate it, centralizing 100% of their document repository in DANAconnect. This was the most significant savings, as they decided to start using it for other departments as well.

They went from 3 months to 12 months of email archiving retention at a lower cost:

With the savings this entailed, they were able to extend the document retention time considerably from 3 months, as it was with the old repository, to the time they currently manage with DANAconnect, which is now 12 months. DANAconnect’s cost scheme is based on storage space, not the number of documents like the previous system they used.

As a result, these optimizations improved cost, scalability, and the cleanliness of the architecture across the entire organization.

By having DANAconnect’s Document Manager solution implemented, the telecommunications company is now prepared to deliver documents through virtually any available digital channel in the market, ensuring data security, as it is possible to perform multi-factor identity verification.

DANAconnect’s Digital Document Management Technology:

DANAconnect provides independent cloud storage for each company in a scalable manner, with documents that can be versioned, encrypted, and replicated in different regions, all automatically. Additionally, it is also possible to apply retention policies to document groups. For example, 1 day, 5 years, or 20 years.

DANAconnect offers with the Document Manager application functionalities that allow organizing and indexing documents to then incorporate them into an automated communication flow. This makes it possible to quickly locate documents corresponding to a client, product, or specific ID within a specific date range. These functions are specially designed to provide documents on demand and self-service to customers through an omnichannel distribution model. Given the changing nature of the market, the platform was also designed to adapt, and it is possible to add new distribution channels as they arise, providing the ability to improve speed to market and time-to-market.

DANAconnect offers two interfaces for document retrieval. The first is aimed at self-service by the end consumer, and the second is for platform operators to view and monitor downloads.

The interface offered to the end consumer queries documents based on a REST API that allows searching and downloading documents, creating zips, and delivering them through the predefined channel by the organization, by the customer’s preferred channel, or simply by the channel from which the query was initiated.

It is also possible to use the channels combined in a cross manner.

Upload and Validation of Customer Identity Documents with Artificial Intelligence:

DANAconnect also integrates within the Document Manager the upload and validation of documents and recognition with A.I. to create a high-availability KYC application that allows redistributing these documents also through any channel.

DANAconnect’s document recognition analyzes images to validate files sent by the customer. For example, it uses OCR and artificial intelligence to validate if a license is expired and if the data matches. However, suppose the date or information in the image does not match the records. In that case, the automated flow asks the customer to comply with regulatory requirements or sends a message/creates a ticket (through any channel) to the agent to alert the need for human intervention.

About 30 financial institutions already use Document Manager and have stored more than 1 billion documents to serve their end users.

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