Credit Card Account Statement with Collections Follow up

What is Credit Card Account Statement with Collections Follow up?

The Credit Card Account Statement with Collections Follow up Automation maximizes receiving payments quickly. The solution tracks whether the customer has paid or not and sends reminders by email, SMS, automated phone call. In each case, the solution prioritizes using the channel with the highest cost-benefit ratio.

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  • Send the digital document of the account statement to the client.
  • Reduce collection costs by using delivery channel sequences in order of best cost-efficiency ratio.
  • Identify the most effective delivery channel for each customer.
  • Automated follow-up and reminder messages N days before payment is due.
  • Automated follow-up and reminder message on the exact day the payment is due in case the customer has not paid yet.
  • Automated follow-up and payment reminder message N days after the payment is due in case the customer has still not paid.


Implementation of a digital customer service channel, which will route internal customer enquiries through an automated chatbot interacting with the Telegram IM application.


  • Integration with specialized functionalities coordinated with the bank’s development departments.
  • 100% configurable corporate image, logos, graphics and texts of communications.
  • Possibility of creating internal helpdesk tickets or other systems.
  • Combination of cross-channel digital channels according to the needs of email, SMS, push, mobile application, automated call or any other digital channel that the organization has available.

Implementation time

  • 1 to 2 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced account

Cross Channel Strategy

Automation can be configured to send on the most convenient channel based on customer preferences or historical behavior. When there is no email registered in the database or in case the email has bounced in the past, the system will send through an alternative channel, such as SMS. You can also configure the automation to switch to other alternative channels:

  • Rich SMS
  • Email
  • Automated call
  • Push
  • Any channel through API

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