Start Automating Every Process

With our Design and Implementation of Automations service at DANAconnect, we facilitate and personalize the creation of advanced automated flows, tailored to the specific demands of each organization and department. We understand that digital transformation can be overwhelming, and that’s why we strive to simplify the process and make it more accessible.

Automation Use Cases Catalog

This catalog of use cases is the ideal starting point for any company looking to dive into automation in an agile way.

1st version proposed by the DANAconnect team
2nd version adapted by your work team
3rd final version after conducting proof of concept tests

Most Common Automation Enablements

  • Cross-channel automated tracking flows
  • Cross-channel sending of critical documents
  • Cross-channel collections automation
  • Insurance policy renewals
  • New customer welcome sequences
  • Self-service channel adoption automation
  • NPS automation with tracking

Benefits of the Design and Implementation of Automations Service

  • Definition of the flow structure in accordance with business objectives:
    • Process Optimization: By defining the flow structure based on business objectives, it is ensured that automations are aligned with the company’s goals and priorities.
    • Efficiency: Unnecessary steps are eliminated and each stage of the process contributes to the final objective.
    • Clarity: Provides a clear vision of the process to all stakeholders, facilitating communication and collaboration.
  • Creation of a proof of concept for the specific need:
    • Risk Reduction: Before implementing a large-scale solution, its viability and effectiveness can be validated.
    • Cost Savings: Potential problems are identified and corrected before a full implementation, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  • Support in channel selection:
    • Targeted Strategy: Selecting the right channels ensures that the automation reaches the target audience effectively.
    • ROI Maximization: By choosing the most effective channels, a better return on investment is obtained.
  • Training for future configuration creation:
    • Autonomy: Companies can adapt to changes or new needs without being entirely dependent on third parties.
    • Continuous Updating: With proper training, staff can keep automations updated and relevant.

Who is this Automation Enablement Service aimed at?

This extension is aimed at all staff responsible for designing automated communication flows in accordance with processes, operations, and strategies of the organization.

Can you only contract the Design and Implementation of Automations Service?

Yes. When you have a subscription to the DANAconnect platform, you can contract this service at any time and combine it with any other service or support plan.