Centralized storage for all customer documents

All documents from your customers are stored in high availability repositories that support millions of files.

Securely upload customers files in Bulk or one by one  

Customers files are loaded massively through an SFTP account or one by one, through a Webservice Interface, according to your operational and security needs.

Perfectly integrated to send dynamic attachments

Integrates flawlessly with other modules in the platform to send dynamic or static attachments through automated flows.

Customized display, search and filtering

Provides a friendly interface that allows to search and verify customer documents, filtering by the criteria that have been pre-established and pre-configured according to operational needs.

All customer files available for self-service

The Document Manager stores files  that will be dynamically manipulated and sent by automated flows in the Conversation Manager via the web, email, SMS, chatbot, WhatsApp or other third-party applications:

  • Bills
  • Account statements
  • Contracts
  • Service agreements and customer onboarding kits
  • Legal documents and more

Document downloads from chatbots and applications

Customers can start document requests from mobile applications, chatbots, third-party applications and even from an IVR. The Document Manager provides self-service via SMS, email or mobile applications.

Integration with your ongoing self-service solutions

Our document delivery API allows integration with your systems to add the document download service from your web banking, mobile banking, your web portal and more.

Documents organization and customized search criteria

Document groups can be easily configured to organize documents by types of services, products, processes or anything needed. Furthermore, documents can be indexed by any type of data: customer name, phone, email, ID or whatever is relevant for the type of search.

Downloads and visualizations are highly traceable

Allows tracking the route made by the document, the number of visualizations it has had, the dates and IPs address from where it was downloaded.

Workgroups and usage restrictions

Workgroups allow controlling user’s permissions to access, view and download documents.

Document Manager – Self-service for customer documents

Expiration of documents by number of days.

Excellent for the types of documents that expire over time as it allows you to assign a time range in which the document is still current or valid.

Streamline Your Customer Communications

Eliminate manual processes end-to-end