SMS and Email Archiving for Auditing and Compliance

This powerful solution gives your company full control over outgoing communications. The SMS and Email Archiving Manager logs, monitors, and maintains a detailed history of every communication, in compliance with regulations, and significantly reduces storage costs through proprietary innovations in data deduplication.

Regulatory Compliance

Auditable archiving of contents and logs of all communications sent via email and SMS text messages.

Advanced Search

Quickly retrieve specific information from communications sent to a particular customer.

Cost Optimization

Use less storage space with data deduplication and reduce expenses.

Delivery Record

Record the sending of messages, emails, and documents with the reasons in case delivery was not possible for regulatory compliance.

Configurable Retention

The retention of records, from 1 month to 10 years or more, ensures that you comply with the specific requirements and regulations of your industry.

How Does SMS and Email Message Archiving Work

How Does SMS and Email Message Archiving Work?

DANAconnect’s SMS and Email Archiving Manager archives the contents and attachments of each communication, as well as the logs of the transmission in native formats. This capability is crucial, as records stored in their original format are admissible in legal litigation. The proprietary data deduplication technology reduces costs by eliminating redundancies, maintaining the integrity and availability of the information. All records are easily accessible and auditable, complying with the regulations of the financial industry. Retention times are configurable, providing the necessary flexibility to adjust to the specific needs of your institution.

Proven Results in Legal Litigation

DANAconnect has helped its clients to defend themselves in litigation and to prevent legal costs efficiently. Our platform stores the information of the message path and all the log, allowing the presentation of evidence in native format in judicial courts for audit and eDiscovery purposes.

SMS and Email Archiving for Auditing and Compliance AUDIT REPORT
SMS and Email Archiving for Auditing and Compliance Agile External Auditing

Agile External Auditing

External auditors can verify the authenticity of delivery reports through verification URLs with a simple link in an integrated QR code, without the need for credentials or login.

Report on the Content of Message Every Sent

The PDF of the audit report includes the visualization of each message sent to each and every recipient. It also includes the texts and images, and a detail of the attachments that the recipient received in the email.

SMS and Email Archiving for Auditing and Compliance Report on the Content of Message Every Sent

High Traceability of Openings, Downloads, and Views

This allows institutions to track and analyze all stages of an email’s lifecycle and ensure that regulatory and security requirements are met.

  • Sender and recipient information
  • Sending date and time
  • Reception date and time
  • Unique message ID
  • Delivery path and all IPs involved in the route
  • Opening records
  • Clicks on links records
  • Attachments downloads records
  • Errors or delivery problems records
  • Email Content Body in Original Format
  • Attachments records

Streamline Your Customer Communications

Eliminate manual processes end-to-end