Cross Channel One Time Password OTP

Cross channel OTP One time password API

What is Cross Channel One Time Password?

Cross channel One-time password – or OTP –  is an automated solution that allows users to log in to a session or transaction through the verification of a random code. The code is sent through a channel different from the one through which the request was made. In order to validate the client’s identity, the client must be able to access the email account or be in possession of the registered mobile phone to which the SMS code was delivered. The code has a short lifespan and can only be used once, providing added security.


  • Add an additional layer of authentication to a web-based service to protect it against fraudulent login attempts.
  • Avoid the security deficiencies associated with static password-based authentication.
  • Verify customer access to an additional digital channel, as a multi-factor authentication.
  • Give the possibility to define the security criteria of the password, such as the lifespan and the number of characters in an easy and efficient way.


Generation and automated sending of a single-use security code, with specific characteristics, to allow a user or client the access to a service, a session or a transaction, adding a security layer by validating the password through a channel other than the one which request was made.

Customization options:

  • Corporate image, colors, logo and images of the communications are 100% configurable.
  • Password characteristics like characters quantity, lifespan and if it is numeric or alphanumeric.
  • Combination of multichannel digital channels according to the needs: web portal, email, SMS, mobile application, WhatsApp, automated call or any other digital channel that the organization has available.

Implemention timeframe:

  • 1 to 7 days


  • DANAconnect Advanced

API used in this solution:

Short Numbers

Long numbers

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Cross Channel One Time Password OTP