Business Accounts Cross selling with Account Opening Automation

What is Business Accounts Cross selling with Account Opening Automation?

The Business Accounts Cross selling with Account Opening Automation offers the portfolio of natural persons the possibility of opening a juristic person account. A self-service option is included to create a client file, including links and resources to upload documents necessary for opening the dossier. Similarly, agents receive emails or tickets with the attached documents to verify and approve them after due diligence and finally send reminders if it hasn’t been resolved.

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  • Promote the opening of accounts and offer immediate online access to the process.
  • Allow the client to self-manage the creation of their file.
  • Validate and capture the information in the documents through  artificial intelligence image analysis.
  • Allow customers to enter structured data into the organization’s databases.
  • Track the completion of requirements for a predetermined period automatically.
  • Offer in a friendly way for clients the links to the pages to upload the documents.
  • Provide the agent with an automated method to follow due diligence procedures and expedite approval of files.
  • Send an alert communication or create a ticket in the internal service or helpdesk system if the client has not completed their profile after the predetermined time.


Promotion of self-service options for opening Business Accounts, sending periodic emails and/or SMS to the client and agent regarding missing files, and providing links to the forms for uploading the missing files. Implementation of artificial intelligence in image analysis and validation.


  • Optional integration for helpdesk ticket creation or another system.
  • Written and graphic content of all communications and webforms.
  • Dynamic and personalized information of the prospect in the follow-up messages.
  • Webform fields and data to be collected from the lead are 100% configurable.

Implementation time

  • 1 to 2 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced account

Cross Channel Strategy

Automation can be configured to send on the most convenient channel based on customer preferences or historical behavior. When there is no email registered in the database or in case the email has bounced in the past, the system will send through an alternative channel, such as SMS. You can also configure the automation to switch to other alternative channels:

  • Rich SMS
  • Email
  • Push
  • Any channel through API

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