Recovery of Lost Customers Automation

What is Recovery of Lost Customers Automation?

Recovery of Lost Customers Automation is a sequence of messages triggered after the customer cancels their service contract. This series of communications aims to discover why the client abandoned the service, refine the client’s profile, and offer optimized, personalized options.

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  • Demonstrate to the clients the high value they represent for your business.
  • Find out the reasons for leaving the service.
  • Discover new needs or opportunities for the customer, thus managing to upsell or even downsell.
  • Manage communication between the executive and the client to ensure renewal.


Customers who canceled their contracts are automatically sent a series of communications to allow users to give their opinion on why they unsubscribed. This allows to adjust the customer’s profile and immediately present optimal and personalized options without human intervention.


  • Types of status adapted to the internal processes of your institution.
  • Corporate image, colors, the logo of the institution in communications and webforms.
  • Form fields for loading information are 100% configurable.
  • The digital channel for delivery can be tailored to specific needs.
  • Integration with internal systems, tickets, and/or core systems.
  • White-labeled links in the emails.

Implementation time

  • 2 to 4 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced account

Cross Channel Strategy

  • E-mail as main delivery channel
  • SMS as a channel for alerts and security checks
  • Webforms to get additional customer information

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