Discovering the momentum for cross selling insurance policy

Cross selling insurance policy

What is the momentum for cross selling insurance policy ?

With the Momentum for Cross Selling Insurance Policy you can predict when a prospect may need a policy before the end of their current insurance contract with another insurer by tracking their interest before renovation. For monitoring the leads’ interest, educational content is distributed for 4 to 12 months, and a score is generated based on their interaction with the content. During the opportunity window, the lead may be handed over to sales automatically by sending an SMS message, creating a CRM ticket, or sending an email.


  • Have a tool to capture the information on policy renewal dates that clients keep with other insurers.
  • Nurture the customer with policy product information that they do not already have.
  • Make the transition from marketing prospect to sales through a structured and accountable system.
  • Keep the product top of mind during the customer journey.


Automated sending of educational content over a period of four months to a year, to a segment of your customer portfolio, so that prospects can self-nurture, minimize friction, and move to the sale stage.


Customization possibilities:

  • Customized written and graphic content of all emails to be sent during the campaign.
  • Configurable corporate image, colors, logo and product image.
  • Dynamic and personalized prospect information.
  • Fields of the forms and information to collect from the lead.

Implementation timeframe:

  • 2 to 8 weeks


  • Have a DANAconnect account
  • Have the segmented data by products that each client already has with your company

Data source:

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