Self-managed Customer Dossier Creation

What is the Self-managed Customer Dossier Automation?

The Self-managed Customer Dossier Automation allows clients to self-manage their files, ensuring that all the documents needed to open the files are present. In addition, it periodically sends the necessary reminders, which include links and resources for uploading the documents and A.I. document validation. In the same way, emails or tickets are sent to the agent with the documents attached for them to verify and approve after due diligence or documents can be validated with AI image recognition. Finally, alerts are sent if, after a specific time, the file is not complete.

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  • Allow the client to self-manage the creation of their file.
  • Shorten validation and approval times with OCR, AI and image recognition for document validation.
  • Offer a tool for customer data to enter the organization’s databases in a structured way.
  • Automated tracking of requirements completion for a predetermined period.
  • Offer in a friendly way for clients the links to the pages to upload the documents.
  • Provide the agent with an automated method to follow due diligence procedures and expedite approval of files.
  • Send an alert communication or create a ticket in the internal service or helpdesk system if the client has not completed their profile after the period.


Follow-up emails and/or SMS to alert the client and agent of the missing documents in the files, along with links to the forms for uploading the missing documents.

Customization Options:

  • Optional Artificial Intelligence Document Validation
  • Optional integration for helpdesk ticket creation or for other systems.
  • Written and graphic content of all communications and forms.
  • Personalized information dynamically extracted from de customer profile.
  • Fields of the webforms and information to be collected from the prospect are 100% configurable.
  • Integration with Customer Effort Survey after onboarding

Implementation timeframe:

  • 4 to 8 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced

Cross Channel Strategy:

  • Email
  • SMS as an alternative channel
  • Webforms for uploading documents and customer information

Want to see a demo of this solution?