Checklist for digital customer onboarding

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What is checklist for digital customer onboarding?

The Checklist for Digital customer Onboarding is an automation that guides clients through the onboarding process so they can be aware of the requirements needed to finalize the contract while indicating tasks that are still outstanding. This automation also provides online tools and access to web resources to send missing information and documents to the institution and the agents involved in a structured way.

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  • Make sure the customer is aware of all activities required of them and clearly states the steps to be taken with a new account.
  • Progressively provide the client with the tools for loading missing or pending information and personal documents.
  • Remind the customer, automatically, if the required tasks are not completed within a predetermined number of days.
  • Use the client’s time in the structured loading of the information.
  • Cut customer service costs and employee time spent on information gathering.
  • Provide a simple, pleasant and structured customer onboarding experience.


Automated sending of a series of communications that progressively verify, through a predetermined timeframe, the status of the account or service contract creation and sends the client communications of said progress status, with periodic reminders to complete the tasks, as well as links to web forms for entering personal information and documents.

Customization options:

  • Configurable corporate image, colors, logo and graphics of messages.
  • Possibility of integration with automation for digital document generation for contracts and policies to complete the process completely online.
  • Integration with CRM, helpdesk or other systems of the organization.
  • Combination of digital channels according to the organization’s needs: web portal, email, SMS, mobile application, WhatsApp, automated call or any other digital channel that the organization has available.

Implementation timeframe:

  • 4 to 8 weeks


  • DANAConnect Advanced

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