Bulk Generation of Microsites for the Insurance Salesforce

What is the Insurance Agent Microsite?

The Insurance Agent Microsite is a solution that allows insurance companies to create dynamic and responsive personal sites in bulk for their salesforce, agents and/or brokers, including branding elements and customized domains.

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  • Create dynamic microsites in bulk through a contacts list.
  • Allow the agent to self-manage the update of their personal information in order to generate the microsites with only the name and email of the agent.
  • Build loyalty by giving them a sense of belonging to the brand.
  • Offer a personalized domain that includes the name of the company and the name of the advisor.
  • Promote online quoting using referral links that contain the agent’s code.
  • Distribute product sales material.
  • Have statistics showing which advisors have referred the online quotes.
  • Create a downloadable vCard with structured data containing contact information, links, and access to sales promotion resources.

Customization options:

  • Corporate branding elements
  • Insurance agent photo
  • Contact information such as phone, email or WhatsApp.
  • Link to profiles on social networks
  • Generation and download of vCard file so that the end customer can save the agent’s contact information on their mobile
  • Links to quotes and downloadable marketing material of the different products the company wants to promote.
  • Other additional fields defined by the insurance company

Deployment times:

2 to 4 weeks

Pre requirements:

DANA Connect Advanced


  • Web
  • Webforms
  • Email
  • SMS as alternative channel

Want to see a demo of this solution?

What is microsites bulk generation?

Microsite bulk generation refers to the process of creating numerous microsites on a large scale. This can be part of a digital marketing strategy to promote different products, services or campaigns, or to target different segments of the audience.

Each of these microsites focuses on a specific topic, product, or service and has its own URL. Microsites may have a different layout and content structure than the main website, allowing the user experience to be customized and optimized for a specific purpose.

However, it can also be challenging from a management point of view, as each microsite needs to be maintained and updated. The insurance advisor microsites are managed by each of the advisors directly, who are in charge of keeping their own information up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions about Microsites

  1. What is a microsite? A microsite is a small website or a group of pages that are usually separate from a main website and are dedicated to a specific topic or product.
  2. What are microsites used for? Microsites are often used to highlight a specific product, service, or campaign. They can also be used to segment the audience based on specific interests or needs.
  3. How does a microsite differ from a main website? A microsite is designed to focus on a single topic or product, while a main website usually has broader information about the company or organization. A microsite may have a completely different design, tone, and functionality than the main website.
  4. Is it beneficial to have a microsite? Microsites can be very beneficial for businesses. They can help highlight a specific product or service and can provide a more personalized user experience.
  5. How can one access a microsite? A microsite can often be accessed through a link on the main website, but it can also have its own URL.
  6. How long does it take to create a microsite? The time it takes to create a microsite manually can vary depending on the complexity of the site and the resources available, however with DANAconnect the generation of thousands of microsites can be done instantly.