Telegram Chatbot for Broker Requests

What is Telegram Chatbot for Broker Requests?

Telegram Chatbot for Broker Requests enables intermediaries and brokers to access a catalog of pre-structured requests that will support them in managing their customer portfolios.

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  • Use a low-cost service channel for the service of internal clients and intermediaries using the free Telegram APIs.
  • Respond to cases of care that require immediacy and effective assistance.
  • Take advantage of the highly distributed application in the world as a digital channel.
  • Lower the volume of calls to the call center.
  • Improve the customer experience by offering more convenience, high availability, immediacy and updated information in real time.
  • Relate the corporate brand with innovation and cutting-edge technology.


Implementation of a digital customer service channel, which will route internal customer enquiries through an automated chatbot interacting with the Telegram IM application.


  • Integration to send documents and critical info through other channels (email and SMS) for double layered security
  • Webform integration for uploading and/or employees data and documents
  • Configuration of automatic response texts and options available to the user 100% tailored to the processes of your organization

Implementation time

  • 4 to 8 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced account

Cross Channel Strategy

  • Telegram as chatbot interface
  • SMS as alternative delivery channel for extra layer security
  • Email as alternative delivery channel for extra layer security
  • Webforms for entering employee data and documents

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