Lead Capture Landing Page

What is Lead Capture Landing Page?

Lead Capture Landing Page is a solution that incorporates a webform within a web page to attract prospects, generally offering some valuable content in exchange for contact information. After the lead’s contact information is captured, the valuable content is sent via email or SMS.

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  • Offer a web form design tool by adding input fields with simple drag and drop.
  • Integrate the leads and information collected on the forms with contact lists and databases on the platform.
  • Add a next step to the flow, after capturing the lead, to send the prospect the content of a follow up via email or SMS.


Publication of a landing page with an integrated web form to capture contact information from prospects and send content or valuable information to the prospect either by email or SMS.

Customization options:

  • Optional integration for CRM ticket creation.
  • Written and graphic content of all communications and landing pages
    Dynamic and personalized information of the prospect in the follow-up messages.
  • Fields of the forms and information to be collected from the prospect are 100% configurable.

Implementation timeframe:

  • 2 to 4 weeks


  • DANAconnect Advanced

Cross Channel Strategy:

  • E-mail
  • SMS as an alternative sending channel
  • Web -> Landing pages
  • Webforms for uploading data and documents

Want to see a demo of this solution?

FAQs about Lead Capture Landing pages

What is the purpose of a landing page?

Lead generation pages are meant to collect leads that can be nurtured with more personalized marketing campaigns including email, direct mail, paid ads, or other tactics before they are passed on to your sales team for conversion.

Can I use Google Analytics on Landing Pages?

Yes. Using Google Analytics on landing pages it is possible to determine usage statistics to analyze which content is more successful and also which channels are preferred by your audience.

How Landing pages increase conversions?

It is crucial to provide value upfront by having a targeted page that links back to your offer or next step. By doing this, new site visitors can be incentivized to provide their information in exchange for immediate rewards.

Businesses are missing a huge opportunity by doing direct advertising, email traffic, and social media traffic to their homepages. The more targeted the traffic you send to your website, the greater the chance of converting it into leads.

How to provide additional insights into your target audience with Landing pages?

Knowing what your audience is interested in can be very valuable. By segmenting offers, you can track which topics convert best. 

By using the data you gather from your landing pages, you can create a more targeted, more tailored marketing strategy. Furthermore, landing pages not only tell you which content your audience prefers, but also let you know which channels your prospects prefer. 

How Landing pages are used to grow email subscriber lists?

Users typically provide their name and email address in exchange for the content on your landing page. By doing this, you can quickly grow your email subscriber list and segment it to send more personalized follow-up emails.

Filling out a form to request content or information about your product or service indicates an interest in what you have to offer. This ensures that your subscriber list contains high-quality leads.

Are landing pages A / B test friendly?

Yes. Creating a landing page is a great way to get creative and test out various designs to determine which visuals and copy work best for your target audience. Additionally, testing out a new landing page is often less risky than redesigning your blog or website entirely.

How do I measure metrics directly tied to business goals with Landing pages?

A landing page that you’ve created to showcase your new product or service can be used to measure metrics directly tied to your business goals.

Your landing page can help you determine how well your campaign is performing or whether you need to make changes to communicate the true value of your new product. Additionally, you can measure which websites drive the most conversions to your landing page, and devote more resources to promoting your email tool through these sites and social media channels.

What happens if the lead doesnt leave their contact?

A landing page is an opportunity to let your visitors know what value you’re offering, and how it can positively impact their lives. Although a viewer may not convert immediately, a well-designed landing page can increase brand recognition and help nurture leads for future sales.