Loyalty and Reward Points Card for eWallet

What is Loyalty and Reward Points Card for eWallet?

The Loyalty and Reward Points Digital Card is used with mobile eWallet apps from Apple and Google. The card can be used by customers at points of sale to register and redeem points. Also, customer can access the complete and up-to-date information about their loyalty program, including their available reward points and links to online resources for redeeming them. Digital cards are distributed via email and SMS, among other digital channels.

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  • Generation and distribution of the loyalty cards to a contact list in bulk.
  • Make sure your customer have up-to-date information regarding loyalty points at hand.
  • Purchase points can be registered by scanning the code bar on the card at the point of sale IRL.
  • Use the ewallet to send promotions to the customer through push notifications.
  • Encourage the redemption and use of loyalty points.
  • Provide more convenience, higher availability, instantaneity, and real-time information to customers.
  • Promote the corporate brand as a symbol of cutting-edge technology and innovation.
  • Drastically reduce production and distribution costs compared to mobile applications and/or plastic cards.


Automated bulk generation and sending to a contact list of reward loyalty cards for ewallet via email or SMS. The ewallet loyalty card shows the available points in real time, link to redeem rewards and it is also used to send push notifications to the customers.

Customization possibilities:

  • Configurable corporate identity, colors and logo.
  • Customizable hero image.
  • Dynamic personalized information and links.
  • Configurable additional fields on the card.

Implementation time:

  • 1 to 2 weeks

Pre requirements:

  • DANAconnect account
  • Contact list with either the email or mobile number of the customer


  • Email
  • SMS Text messages
  • Push notifications

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Save the ewallet loyalty card to your phone

Frequently Asked Questions about eWallet Loyalty Card

How is the Loyalty Card displayed?

The Loyalty Digital Card can be viewed through digital wallet applications for mobile devices with iOS and Android systems.

Which digital wallet apps are recommended?

For iPhones, we recommend Apple Wallet, which comes pre-installed.

For Android devices, we recommend Google Pay, which is already installed on most devices. It can also be obtained on the Google Play page.

Can I customize the emails from where the loyalty card download link is sent?

Yes. You can customize the email template according to your brand.

Does the digital loyalty card solution comply with privacy, electronic commerce, and anti-spam legislation?

Yes. The platform and the complete solution are compliant, adaptable, and messaging can be restricted to the regulations of each country.

How does the customer receive and store their digital loyalty card?

1. They receive the digital loyalty card through an email sent from the insurance company.

2. Customers save the digital card on the device of their choice (Android or Apple)

3. Customers add the digital card to the mobile digital wallet of their smartphone.