Quote Abandonment Recovery by SMS: The Art of Converting Prospects into Customers

The digital age has changed the rules of the game in the world of financial services. Customer interaction channels have multiplied, contact points have diversified and processes have evolved towards automation. In this context, insurers face a fundamental challenge: how to convert prospects into customers, especially after an online quote abandonment.

Quote Abandonment Recovery by SMS: The Art of Converting Prospects into Customers

The Conversion Challenge

Online listing is one of the first interactions a prospect may have with a financial institution. However, it is common for prospects to abandon the process before completing it, representing a missed opportunity for the company. This is the challenge that automation seeks to solve the Online Quote Abandonment Recovery via SMS.

This automated solution sends messages to those prospects who have partially filled in their details but have not completed the listing process. The SMS is a message enriched with a link that allows the prospect to return to the online quote tool session at the point where they left it, recovering all the information that they had already entered.

Objectives and Solution

The Online Quote Abandonment Recovery via SMS has four clear objectives:

  1. Send recovery messages and reminders to prospects who did not complete the purchase.
  2. Offer a link so that the prospect can recover his session and does not have to upload all the information again.
  3. Boost sales by offering immediate online access to the process.
  4. Send a communication to the sales agent or create a ticket in the service system or CRM.

The solution is to send a periodic follow-up to remind prospects to finish the online quote, including a link that retrieves the session from what the prospect had previously saved to the quote. The lead information is then sent to the sales agent.

Personalization and Adaptability

One of the advantages of this automation is its high degree of customization. The Online Quote Abandonment Recovery via SMS can be adapted to create tickets from CRM or another system. The contents of SMS messages are configurable and dynamic and personalized information about the prospect can be included in the follow-up mailing. In addition, the fields of the forms and information to be collected from the prospect are 100% configurable.

Follow-up and Messages to the Client

An integral part of the Online Quote Abandonment Recovery is the follow-up carried out on the client and the nature of the messages sent. This follow-up is essential to maintain customer engagement and encourage quote completion.

Monitoring is carried out periodically, sending reminders to the client to complete the online quote. These messages are not just generic notifications, but are carefully designed to be relevant and engaging for the customer.

In addition to being a reminder, these messages also include a link that allows the client to return to the quoting session at the exact point where they left off. This means that the customer does not have to re-enter all the information they have already provided, making the quote completion process quick and easy.

The messages sent are configurable, which means they can be tailored to reflect the brand voice and tone of the financial institution. For example, a message can be as simple as:

"Hi [Customer Name], we noticed you left your quote halfway through. Click this link [Link] to pick up where you left off. We're here to help if you need anything!"

Or it can be more detailed, like:

"Dear [Customer Name], we see that you started the quoting process for [Product/Plan], but didn't complete it. We understand that life can get in the way, so we've saved your progress. You can resume quoting at any time." moment by clicking this link [Link]. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us."

Regardless of the specific style of messages, the primary goal is clear: to motivate the customer to complete the quote, by providing easy access to their quoting session, and by reminding them of the value of the products or services they are quoting. These follow-up messages, when executed correctly, can be a powerful tool for driving conversion and improving the customer experience.

Continuous Improvement and Data Analysis

A key capability of DANAconnect is its potential for continuous improvement and data analysis with reporting. This can be invaluable to an insurance business manager looking to streamline their sales processes and improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.

The DANAconnect solution allows organizations to track and analyze the performance of their follow-up messages. This can provide valuable insight into which messages are most effective in motivating customers to complete their quotes, and which elements may need adjustment.

The data collected can help identify patterns in customer behavior. For example, if most quote abandonments are found to occur at a specific point in the quote process, this may indicate an area that requires improvement. This type of analysis can provide insurance business managers with the information they need to make strategic adjustments and continually improve the quoting process.

In short, DANAconnect’s Online Quote Abandonment Recovery via SMS not only offers a solution to a common problem in the sales process, but also provides a valuable tool for continuous improvement and data analysis. For the insurance business, this can be an effective way to streamline sales processes, improve marketing performance, and ultimately increase conversions and sales.


In short, the Online Quote Abandonment Recovery automation is an innovative solution that combines technology and marketing strategy to maximize the conversion of prospects into customers. This solution is an example of how DANAconnect, as a partner in digital transformation, can help financial institutions to optimize their customer communication processes and increase their efficiency.

The value of this solution lies not only in its effectiveness in retrieving leads that have abandoned the listing process, but also in its ability to be customized to the specific needs of each financial institution. In addition, its implementation is relatively fast and easy, which makes it an attractive option for those institutions that seek to improve their conversion rate and optimize their sales process.

In today’s digital world, customer interaction is more important than ever. Solutions such as Online Quote Abandonment Recovery via SMS allow insurers and financial institutions to interact with their customers effectively and efficiently, offering a superior user experience and maximizing conversion opportunities on a highly effective channel such as SMS.


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