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Prepare your company for a new generation of digital banking with automated communication flows specifically tailored for the financial industry.

Customer Communication Automation for Banks:

Innovations for compliance

DANAConnect offers features to adapt your automations to your country’s regulations:

  • Blacklist management by channel and type of communication
  • Integration with regulatory bodies (Lists do not send)
  • Time slot control for message delivery
  • Control of maximum communications per contact

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Automate bank security operations using smart cross-channel controls

Security alert alternative channel

Some examples of security flows that could be left running in the background:

  • Can you confirm that you made this transaction?
  • Your temporary password is 83882704.
  • Security Alert: An unusual activity has been detected on your credit card.
  • Your transfer request # 239749846 has been scheduled.
  • Your credit card was declined. Click here for more information.

DANAConnect has modules to protect your company:

  • The DMARC email security module that stops phishing attacks, spoofing and BEC scams.
  • The Audit module that generates admissible reports in court.
  • The Deliverability module that monitors which internal and external elements that can affect the delivery of messages.
  • The Security dashboard that centralizes all security information..

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Message delivery with DANAConnect is legally accepted in court

DANAConnect has helped its clients defend themselves in litigation

Since documents delivery with the platform meets the authentication standards to be admissible in the courts.

Present evidence in native format

Present evidence that the communications were actually transmitted and quickly resolve cases in which customers argue that they did not receive the document (account statements, disclaimers, tax documents, etc.).