Innovation Projects Boost

It is a temporary extension of support to Developers, designed to accompany and accelerate the implementation of new automation projects. This program aims at companies that need agile support in the management and integration of innovations with DANAconnect. In this support add-on, the DANAconnect development team is involved in the project team sprints between 1 and 3 months to assist them in the planning and execution of the project.

Take full advantage of our roadmap for innovations

Innovation Projects Boost Plan Benefits:

  • Definition of the integration architecture.
  • Help in the selection of APIs to use.
  • Two developer training sessions for the selected APIs.
  • Code examples in accorded languages to perform integrations.
  • Definition of the operating logic of communication flows.
  • Technical assistance during production passes.

Whom is the Innovation Projects Boost plan oriented to?

This extension aims at all technical and project management personnel of the development team that carries out the implementation, including external suppliers if the development is an integration with a third party.

Is it possible to get only the Innovation Projects Boost plan?

Yes. The Innovation Projects Boost plan can be taken at any time, combined with any other plan or taken only with the user support plan.