Solutions for Customer Experience Automation

In this growing catalog you can find use cases with specific solutions for the needs of your industry

whatsapp banking

WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking

Customer service solution for banks that automates responses to messages and allows document self-service integrating WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance

WhatsApp Chatbot for Insurance is a customer service solution that automates responses, guarantees speed and efficiency at low cost

One time password OTP

Cross Channel One Time Password OTP

Automated solution that allows users to log in to a session or transaction through the verification of code sent through a different different.

eWallet Insurance Broker Card

Used with the mobile e-wallet applications so that brokers and promoters can view the complete and up to date information of their client portfolio

Digital Insurance card eWallet

Digital insurance card to distribute to your customers by email or SMS channels with always up to date information of services and resources